Psytech Solutions

Psytech is developing a wide variety of solutions designed to assist organisations hire, develop and retain their staff.

The new solutions range of products remove some of the barriers that prevent many HR professionals and decision makers from using psychometric assessments:

  1. They allow decision makers access to assessments without the need for extensive training in psychological testing principles.
  2. They reduce the workload of having to conduct a job analysis, identify the appropriate tests and interpret the results in light of the job requirements.
  3. They cater to specific assessment needs and provide practical and easy to use reports.
  4. They have been constructed using a valid and reliable library of Psychometric tests.
  5. They offer users the flexibility of online unsupervised administration.
  6. They can be easily customised to client specific needs.

Solutions will have three main categories of reports, in addition to a feedback report:


Development reports use respondents’ profile results to investigate the likelihood they may exhibit certain types of work related behaviour. Decision makers can use these reports as a tool to facilitate personal development. They can be used as a starting point either:

  • To explore possible development needs with respondents, and produce a shared development strategy for promoting their competence in those dimensions that are work relevant, or
  • To consider reasons for any possible discrepancies between their predicted behaviour and their actual performance as assessed by peer ratings, performance appraisals, etc.

These reports provide respondents with the opportunity for self-reflection and self-development. HR professionals and decision makers are encouraged to work with respondents to define development goals based on the results of the profile. The reports highlight areas of concern and provide development recommendations under a standard development process/framework.


Guidance reports help HR professionals and counsellors gain a better understanding of what really matters personally to respondents. In addition to providing career advice and recommendations, the reports also provide a framework for career planning and decision making.


Selection reports provide HR professionals and decision makers with behavioural interview guides catered to respondents’ profiles. The interview model used in these reports follows the STAR behavioural interviewing method in which evidence must be gained to indicate the context of the behaviour, the nature of the behaviour and the consequences of the behaviour.

STAR is an acronym for:

Situation: What was the context of the behaviour?

Task: What needed to be achieved?

Action: What behaviour resulted from the situation?

Result: What was the outcome?

Scoring forms are provided as part of the interview guide. Interviewers are encouraged to use the forms to take notes and are advised to score responses using a given 5-point scale.

olutions will be available on the new release of GeneSys online as a separate product category. Access will be available to all current users, though distributors will have the option of bringing in new clients whom have not had any training in Psychometrics on special “solutions” accounts. These accounts will only have access to solutions and 360. They will not have access to our standard range of tests and reports.

Solutions are presented in the following categories:

General Solutions

  • Competency Focused Personality Assessment (available on release)
  • Supporting Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace (available on release)

Role Based Solutions

  • Sales Roles: Selection and Development (available on release)
  • Customer Service Roles: Selection and Development (available soon)
  • Global Leadership Roles: Selection and Development (available soon)

Screening Solutions

  • Assessment of Workplace Integrity (available soon)
  • Identification of Management Derailers (available on release)
  • General Ability Screening / General Ability Verification (available soon)

Self-Awareness and Team Development Solutions

  • Fostering Personal Awareness and Development Using the Jung Types Indicator (available soon)
  • Building Teams Using Team Role Theory (available soon)
  • Conflict Management (available soon)

Career Guidance Solutions

  • Career Guidance (for students) (available soon)
  • Career Guidance (for job seekers) (available soon)

Industry Specific Solutions

  • Assessment of Health and Safety Attitudes (available on release)

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